“Richard has been our gardener and landscape designer since 2010.  He is by far the most resourceful, knowledgeable, patient, and hard-working person I have hired to work at my home. Because of his design, plant choices, and maintenance work, our house and gardens are spectacular.

I have and will continue to recommend him without hesitation.”

Sandra Simpson


"I am a designer, which makes me particular….very particular. When I bought a mid-century home with its clean contemporary lines, I was perplexed as to how to continue this aesthetic into what was an unkempt wilderness.

I got there with Richard, whose discerning knowledge of plants and fabulous sense of design created the perfect contemporary landscape. Not a day goes by that I don’t thoroughly enjoy Richard’s design. The simplicity of the plant selections and their interesting layout, coupled with the beautiful finish details in steel hardscaping, has formed an elegant foreground to the home’s architecture, uniting the house with its site.

A good designer takes whatever the given conditions are and enhances the outcome by unifying a project into an aesthetic whole. Richard took the home’s contemporary architecture and translated its aesthetic into a complementary (and low-maintenance) landscape. Richard is truly a great designer who far exceeded my expectations."

Elizabeth Szombathy Owner, Dszign


“Richard Lambert worked with us to redesign and improve the landscape around our home. We wanted an attractive garden, easy to maintain while providing habitat for quail.

The existing garden had a number of established trees and shrubs. Richard was careful to retain the best of these and integrate them with the updated plantings plan. Other shrubs were removed; those that needed frequent shearing, or were too large for their location.

The garden overlooks a broad view of Riverside State Park and beyond. The plantings Richard has introduced to the garden fit well with this view. Ornamental grasses play an important role in the more exposed areas, catching the light and moving in the breeze. The flowering perennials attract hummingbirds and butterflies, yet are not attractive to the many deer that pass through the yard. Shrubs offer food and shelter to quail while screening the view of some nearby houses.”

David & Patricia Killen


"I am so pleased with my new landscaping.  Richard used a simple design, delineated by steel edging, filled with massed plantings and a fire-pit patio area, to create a landscape that truly fits my home.  I particularly value the use of low maintenance plants with low water requirements.  Richard’s professionalism and craftsmanship is visible in all his work. His seasonal follow-up shows how dedicated he is to ensuring the best possible results."

Lyle Spencer 


“I write to recommend the garden and landscape design services of Richard Lambert.

Richard designed and created our garden with excellent results. We wanted it all: a colorful, multi-season but low maintenance garden. Richard listened patiently and carefully and translated our needs into a practical reality using many hardy, native plants that bring color, texture and interest to our garden year round.

Richard works quickly and thoroughly. All of our neighbors were in awe of his astonishing capacity for hard work and, as a result, he received several commissions from them and all are more than satisfied. We have enjoyed a beautiful garden through the long winter months and, as spring approaches, Richard’s creation is becoming ever more lovely..  

I recommend Richard Lambert without reservation.”

Karen Greenstreet


“Richard worked on the landscaping at our home over the course of three years. Starting with a relatively blank slate, Richard designed and installed a successful, low maintenance landscape.

He was happy to work gradually through the project at our pace, as time and budget allowed, incorporating new ideas along the way.

Richard chose plants that perform well in different seasons, so the garden even looks good in winter. He planted trees to enclose the yard, which also made it feel much bigger, as well as screening views from neighboring houses.

I highly recommend him as he was a true pleasure to work with and always great to have around.

His true passion really came through in every decision he made for our yard.”

Chris Smith


“Richard Lambert helped plan, plant, and maintain our garden.  I found him knowledgeable, hard-working, efficient, and pleasant to have around.  He researched native plants suitable to a climate new both to him and to me, and made suggestions for interesting ways to enhance the planting and overall look of our yard.  His fees were reasonable and his work ethic was excellent. 

I recommend him highly.”

Maggi Gordon


"Richard came highly recommended by our neighbors who had hired him to work on their yard. We do not have a large backyard but with Richard's help, our yard feels much bigger. We were very pleased (and surprised) at how quickly the plants he chose have grown and thrived.  Our garden looks very mature in a short time. He shows great attention to detail and  care in the layout of all the plants and trees in the garden. He created a harmonious design that is functional and beautiful.

We were very pleased with Richard's work and recommended him to our friends.”

Jane and Tom Lacy


“I live in an urban area and have a small yard that was overgrown with every kind of perennial that you could imagine.  Over the years, I had replaced most of my lawn with flowerbeds, but did not have the eye or knowledge to plan for what it would look like in years to come.  My life had become very busy and my knees did not always allow me to do the work that was required to maintain what had been planted.  Clearly, my yard was in need of a major makeover, but I did not want to return to just lawn and bushes.  I did talk with a number of landscapers before finding Richard.  They were able to design, but were not really willing to listen to me or try to understand what I was hoping to accomplish in my yard.  Richard was very different in this regard and I knew immediately that I could trust my yard to his care

Richard really came to understand what I wanted for my yard.  He had great ideas and was always respectful of my opinions.  He was very willing to work with me and appreciated the gardens that were already part of my yard. My major goal was to have a beautiful yard but without all of the work that usually comes with it.  Richard managed to transform my yard into a carefree and beautiful city garden sanctuary.  He created a space that maintains its beauty throughout the seasons.

Richard has the knowledge, skills and creativity to create beautiful garden spaces.  He knows plants and every aspect of landscaping.  He is extremely dependable and very hard working.  In the time that I have known Richard, I have come to appreciate him for the outstanding gardening that he does, but also for his kind heart and gentle spirit.   You would be so fortunate to have Richard work his magic in your garden.”

Kathy Krug