Perhaps you don’t need a complete redesign to bring out the best in your garden. I offer renovation and maintenance gardening services. Even the low maintenance landscapes I specialize in creating need some seasonal gardening to help realize their full potential.

Trees and shrubs can be pruned to enhance their natural form and to allow more light to reach the ground. Crowded beds of perennials can be divided (more plants for free!) and replanted, or edited to create more coherent plantings. Lawns can be reshaped or considerably reduced in size, weeds controlled and mulch applied to help improve the structure and appearance of beds.

If you don’t have as much time as you would like to care for your garden, I can help you choose plants and plant combinations which require less water and maintenance. Many gardens look great in June but worn out by August. The careful selection and integration of even a handful of new plant varieties can add year round interest to your plantings.

Or maybe you would like to change your garden more gradually, to spread out the costs, or to tackle some of the more enjoyable tasks in your own time. Small changes made to a cohesive larger plan will help you avoid the disjointed look that can often occur when a garden evolves at different times.