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Garden Landscapes is essentially me, Richard Lambert. I’m native to England, hence the "English Landscaper" bit. I design, install and maintain gardens and landscapes. I also eat, sleep, read, dream, study, visit and live gardens, plants, landscape design, art, sculpture and other design type stuff, so its much more than just my job!

I have over fifteen years of professional experience in landscaping, the first three of which I worked as a gardener in and around London. During this time I gained a wealth of experience and influence from a variety of talented landscapers and designers, and from the spaces they were creating.

Prior to this I studied Graphic Design at the University of the West of England in Bristol, then spent several years traveling in Asia, South America, Morocco, Australia and New Zealand. Hiking and camping in wild places helped develop my appreciation for the glories of the natural world and for time spent outdoors.

When I first moved to America, I was fortunate to live within walking distance of a large section of restored tall-grass prairie. I visited weekly throughout the year for three years, saw the seasons come and go, watched plants grow up and die back, and came to understand more about ecology, wildlife and balance. I worked as a landscaper these three years in Milwaukee, learning much from its tough climate, before moving to Spokane in 2009, when my wife took a teaching job at Gonzaga. 

All of this has played a big role in informing my work. I continue to study native plant communities to help create plantings evocative of nature that work well on a residential scale and that are attractive year-round. I understand that time spent outside can be very rewarding and that creating welcoming areas around our homes can help improve our well-being. My studies in art and design help me to compose a space and to seek out ways to capture and expose the beauty of a landscape. 

I am inspired by the wonderful natural beauty of the Spokane region and attempt to create landscapes which respond to these surroundings. Whenever possible and wherever I go I visit gardens and designed landscapes. I am always learning.