The space outside our homes is precious. I believe a garden should be a welcoming place to be enjoyed all year round. I strive to create inviting, uplifting landscapes that people will love and connect to, that complement and unite a home with its surroundings.

Hi, I'm Richard Lambert. I design and install gardens and landscapes and do so with great care, thought and attention to detail. My dynamic, plant rich landscapes celebrate seasonal change and the natural beauty of the Inland Northwest. 

In my pragmatic approach to the design process, I consider each project and each client individually. I aim to tackle the problems and to enhance the benefits of each site. Plants, materials and practices are chosen as appropriate to each project, to ensure a long-lasting, manageable space.  

I am opposed to boring, toxic, wasteful landscaping - opposed to chemical lawns, the inappropriate pruning of shrubs into odd shapes, vast swathes of mulch or gravel dotted with lonely plants and mismatched boulders, etc, etc. I instead offer beautifully detailed, meticulous and ecologically rich gardens designed to thrive with minimal maintenance.

GARDENLANDSCAPES is a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor. Washington State Department of Labor and Industries license: GARDEL*865N9.